ANSYS is the Global leader in the Engineering Simulation industry. ANSYS is introducing the New product lines to Discover the All range of Design engineers with the simple to use High-End Simulation technology within a new user-friendly environment. CADME is ANSYS Authorized Value-Added Solution Partner for Discovery Products in Coimbatore and south India.

CADME’s dedicated team of people to render the ANSYS FEA Software solution like virtual simulation to its customers through this authorization as a ANSYS Reseller / ANSYS dealer.

  • 3D Modeling
  • Instant Simulation
  • Simulation for Design Engineers

ansys products in coimbatore

Discover the ANSYS Flagship products

Discovery SpaceClaim

Fast and intuitive 3-D Direct modeling can create, edit and repair geometry for concept design, manufacturing and simulation

Discovery Live

Instant simulation results and interactive design exploration provide insight and understanding for rapid product Innovation.

Discovery AIM

High-fidelity CAE simulation focuses on ease-of-use and guided workflows to provide the power of ANSYS simulation to the design community, with designer-appropriate physics.


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