Engineering Services

Engineering Services

CADME team has the strong domain skills, expert in the SolidWorks CAD, CAE, CFD, Technical documentation and rich experience in product design / project execution etc. All our product design is validated using the CAE tools and optimized the product for reduce weight and cost. Our core engineering activities using the SolidWorks design services are...

Product Design:
  • Concept Design
  • Design Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Value Engineering

Engineering Analysis:
  • Product validation using FEA Services
  • Flow analysis using CFD Services

Product Development:
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Manufacturing Engineering
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Product Design Automation

Design automation is an effective means of dramatically cutting costs for a well-defined, our team will support to identify the design variables and helps to meet the "design less and standardize the product design, design faster"..

Drafting automation is to reduce the manufacturing drawing creation time and make error free drawings.

CAD Designing services:
  • 2D Drafting
  • Legacy drawing conversion
  • Raster to Vector conversion
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Technical Documentation:

To create illustrations, finished images, and interactive animations for use in a broad range of communication deliverables from shop floor work assembly instructions to customer and supplier review presentations, product manuals, and installation guides.

FAI Reports:

Automating the creation of balloons on engineering drawings, and the creation of inspection data sheets and reports. Sequentially numbered balloons are applied automatically to help you keep track of the dimensions and characteristics to inspect. Accurate bubbled prints and inspection sheets are generated in just minutes.

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