Structure Light Scanner


SMARTTECH 3D portable is ultra-fast 3D scanner, which combining the best features of handheld and stationary measurement devices. It’s not only portable but also performs instant color measurements with certified accuracy. CADME is a value-added promotional partner for SMARTTECH scanners.

SMARTTECH 3D portable combine mobility with metrologically-certified accuracy. It can be used in production hall for rapid scanning of technical infrastructure. The on-site measurement result can be verified by a built-in processor unit and touch screen. High accuracy also allows you to measure machine parts and repair damaged parts of production line. After noticing the exhaustion, the production line doesn’t need to be stopped for more than a few minutes. 3D scanner operator can scan the defective part, manufacture it based on the 3D model and then repair it. There are also no objections to using SMARTTECH 3D portable to acquire object geometry, for example car body, directly in the workshop

Product Features:
  • Certified accuracy for industry
  • Ultra-fast measurement in medicine
  • Portability for Criminology
  • Photorealistic color in archaeology


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