Video Measuring System

Video Measuring System

CADME is Exclusive Distributor and Value-added partner in Coimbatore Region for BIG Zero Technology’s Vision Measuring Systems.

Vision measuring system is used for manual inspection, measurement and documentation of small components cost effective model is designed with compact design 2D video measuring machine is widely used to measure the two coordinates in all application areas such as machinery, electronics, instruments, plastic etc.

The high performance BigZero Vision Measuring machine comes in two different variant Manual with Z auto focus and complete CNC machine. Both variants are available in three different sizes to suit customer requirements. The high-resolution camera with high resolution lens mounted on the machine enables the user to make measurement with high precision.

The powerful BIG Zero software which is extremely user friendly can handle all measuring applications with ease. and the output can be taken in variety of formats like PDF, EXCEL, WORD, TXT & CSV. Report header and Logo can also be customized as per requirement.

Video Measuring Systems in coimbatore


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